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Wednesday, November 11, 2015


For I have important information to tell ALL!

Hey Everybody!
It's me Sofia here with an apology and an announcement.
Let's start with the apology shall we?
First of all, I AM SO SORRY! I have been internet dead for the whole month.
Basically it's school, AGAIN, we have so many projects clumped together day after day.
Okay now that the apology is over with, I will now do the announcement.....
I have been deciding if I should start my own blog for a while now and I finally 
decided to..... Just Do It! (Sorry I had to), 
So I'll just drop a link down here!

There are currently no posts yet, but I promise do I will do one soon.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Hello, Future Me

Dear future me,

    HI! How are you doing! By this time you'll probably be a teenager (I hope or this'll be weird), like an actually teenager aka 13 and up and not just looking like an eleven year old that looks like a teenager, you know what I'm saying? If you want to know why I'm typing this I saw this floating around in the land of *BLOGGING* (insert ooh's and aah's here), so this wasn't my idea, yeah not creative, ARE YOU CREATIVE!? Okay I'm bored of just making this a one side conversation, HEY! ARE YOU EVEN TRYING TO CONVERSE WITH ME, ARE YOU EVEN TRYING DUDE!     

Okay, let's get on with the list because you are probably to "busy" to make due with your younger self!

  • What activities are you doing, are you even more lazy now?
  • How is the future?
  • How's life in general, have any drama?
  • Now that I've knocked some sense into you, who are your friends? You better still be a nerd.
  • What's your fashion style? You still hate skirts and dresses, I bet you do!
  • How's the family doing?
  • Any cool new bands?
Okay, now I will stop pestering you with these random question.................. for now.

Sorry for the short post, but I just wanted to do something simple and fun!

Sunday, October 4, 2015

My Drawings

    Hey Guys! It's me Sofia with another post for you guys. Today I'm gonna show you some of my drawings. Feel free to criticize me, or give me some tips so I can get better! I hope you enjoy this blog post!

I was bored so I was like, "HEY WHY DON'T I MAKE SOMEONE WITH A CAPE!"
I know, I'm so creative, lol!

I got inspiration from, guess what, *drum rolls* COFFEE YAY!

D-D-DINO CAT! I find this really cute <3

I am trying to draw more cartoon characters and this turned out pretty nice.
THAT HAT THOUGH! Oh, and also tiny feet.

Gotta get some "ZLEEP" ha ha T-SHIRT REFERENCE!
I based this character a little bit from me but I would look WAY WORSE than this when I wake up!

BAM! There's a Cinderella story for you, yes, it's the same character from above.
Lol, what a transformation!

That's the end of it, I hope you enjoyed and sorry for the short posts. You know the story, "SCHOOL, The End" *Slow Claps*

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Nerd Clothing

Nerd Cloths

    Hey Guys! It's me, Sofia with a new post. It's been a while hasn't it? Well school has been pretty crazy, studying for quizzes, band, sports, and other stuff! Let's get on to the fashion segment, shall we?

    Today's topic is *drum rolls* NERD CLOTHING!!! 

First Outfit: Pokemon 

 Espeon is my favorite Pokemon and this is pretty simple so, lol!

Second Outfit: Legend of Zelda


A little more complicated with the corset and stuff, but it looks pretty cool too!

Third Outfit: Harry Potter - Ravenclaw

Finally, HARRY POTTER for all of my potterheads out there!

Hope you enjoyed this post, sorry it was so short!

Monday, September 7, 2015

How to: Milkmaid Braid!

Hey guys! Today I am doing a hair tutorial! It is called the milkmaid braid, and I really love this hairstyle! Let's get started!

Things you will need!
- A comb
- 2 hair ties or elastic bands
- 2 bobby pins

1) First, you are going to brush you hair of any tangles. Then, split your hair straight down the middle. 

(No picture needed lol)

2) Get a little bit of your hair, fringe, and bangs if you have them and pull them out. You can also curl the hair that you pulled out, but it is optional! (I tied the rest of my hair back to show you guys)

3) Then, get the left side of your split hair and start doing a normal braid. Make sure to not braid the hair that you pulled out!

4) Once you have your braid how you like it, tie the end with a clear elastic or a hair tie. 
(No pictures)

5) Then, bring the braid up your head and secure it with a bobby pin.

6) Now, do the exact same thing for the right side of your head. (Read steps 3-5)

(Pictures provided above)

7) When you finish, your hair should look something like this.

I'm sorry that I couldn't show you my face, but I am not allowed to show my whole face right now lol. 
I am not sure if this helped you out much, but if you really didn't understand this, you can just search it up and watch a video tutorial! 
I think that this hairstyle would go great with the look:
Click the link and it will take you to my make up tips! 
I hope you guys enjoyed and if it was a bit, you know, not helpful, please tell me some tips and I will improve my next hair tutorial if you guys want me to do some!


Sunday, August 30, 2015

DIY Galaxy Pencil Case

Hey Guys! It's me the Cookie Crew with another post! Since you are probably in school [or starting school like moi], you can do this anytime you're free. This only took me a few hours!

Now that I have showed you something fashion related, [I think], I am going to provide you with some tips and my goals for this year!

  1. Be YOU don't let anybody tear you down.
  2. Behave in class, don't worry about being considered a teacher's pet your doing the right thing. 
  3. Study. STUDY. STUDY!! Make sure you study for any upcoming tests I PROMISE that it will pay off in the future.
  4. Be social, it's good to have friends to help you in class you can't solve everything by yourself.
  5. Give yourself a break. You need to give yourself a break once in a while do not make yourself overwhelmed!
  6. Express yourself. Who cares if your a nerd or a jock be proud and express YOU!
  7. DO NOT BULLY, I repeat, DO NOT BULLY.
  8. Ignore bullies. If people bully you they are probably going through something themselves, it's best to ignore them or maybe even let them talk out their problems!

Now for my goals and wishes for me this year.

I recently found out that I did not get in the same class as my friends, nor the teacher of my choosing, but that didn't really phase me. What did though is the fact that my best friends [including Daisy] did get the same class altogether, along with the teacher I hoped for :c. I would be lying if I said that I
wasn't a little disappointed and saddened by this news, though I never showed it. Instead of sulking
on it for too long though I started going about all the pros and stopped thinking about the cons!

I started to ponder about the classmates I already know that are going to be in my class: which are all
boys so far, and imagining who I could be in class with. This year I am striving to improve my art
and musical skills. I plan to be less annoying and loud, also to be more out there. I want to be more active in school activities and keep my good grades!

I hope this helped you for the new school year! It definitely helped me get some weight off my shoulders!

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Makeup Tips!

Hey guys! I am back again with make-up tips! This tip is to look like you have no make-up on, but you are actually wearing make-up. I like this because it makes you look naturally pretty, and it doesn't look like you put POUNDS of make-up on your face! Let's get started!

Tip 1: Always have a fresh face. You don't want to have dirt and other pieces of dust on your face while having makeup on, so make sure to wash your face and moisturize it before you start!

Tip 2: Don't put lots of foundation. Just put a little bit and be sure to make your skin tone like it was before you put on make-up, but lighter.

Tip 3: Use your fingers or sponges to make it look natural. Brushes don't have that effect.

Tip 4: For blush, don't use a really red color, but like almost a creamy, light pink one. An example is, the same color your cheeks look like after you exercise. Or you can use your lip color, because your lip color looks almost the same as your cheeks after you exercise.

Tip 5: Eyes. I prefer a pencil eyeliner because it looks smudgy, and curl your eyelashes a bit and go over them with a few strokes of mascara. For eye shadow, use colors that match your skin instead of bold colors like purple. Also, for eyebrows, don't put on tons of it, just a couple strokes and you're done!

Tip 6: For your lips, use a lip gloss or a really light shade of pink lipstick. About one shade darker than your original lip color.

Those are all the tips for today, and I hope it helped! Just to let you know, I am not sure if all these tips are true, so if you have tips or anything else for me, let me know in the comments!Image result for makeup tips to look like you have no makeup on
An Example (Sorry if this freaked you out!)